Choosing a theme

When deciding on what theme I wanted to use, I wanted one that would allow me to use all of the guidelines (header, logo, footer) that were used on my DGST blog. I also didn’t want a theme that would place my logo over the header like I had for my other blog.

Creating additional pages

I created extra pages that were about me and then another one with my interactive fiction game.

Creating blog posts

I made blog posts about my header and logo, my pets, and vacations that I went on this past summer. As well as this, I made categories for each of the different topics and put the blog posts in these. Also, I added photos to my blog texts and made sure to include alt texts describing them.

Creating my header / logo

I used the same logo as my previous site and I made my header in Clip Studio Paint. There’s a full blog post about it here.

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